Noha Global is completely devoted to upholding the highest standards of health, security, environment and quality (HSEQ) for our employees. We believe that everyone related to an organization is vital and their health and safety should be of prime importance. It is for this reason; we have always adopted a proactive approach to managing HSEQ practices in order to create a safe and happy working atmosphere.

We have set standards that address these vital issues and we consistently strive to acquire a target of zero incidents, no environmental shenanigans and uninhibited improvement of quality processes.

Our HSEQ policy is subject to continual improvement and is reviewed periodically from the top in order to ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. In order to achieve and respect this policy, we make sure that all employees are competent enough to carry out their assigned undertakings through training, information, instruction and consultation. We want our employees to set the ball rolling with all the tools they need as dealing in half measures has never been our thing. Moreover, we identify possible hazards in all activities and seek to nip them from the bud. So that everything is in black and white with no grey areas, we communicate openly with our stakeholders so that they are well rehearsed in our HSEQ policies, standards, protocols, programs and performance. We are committed to complying with defined requirements and procedures at all levels which is why our business chart has kept on expanding and growing.

Since we believe in transparency at all levels, our policy is in line with corporate policies and is available to the public and all interested parties.

We have developed an HSEQ management system on a structured approach which helps in ensuring that all tiers of our company are in line with their HSEQ responsibilities.  Moreover, to further deliver on our commitment to quality, we have developed a Noha Global application on Android (Available on the Play Store), that allows unmatched, 24/7 access to our services.