With years of extensive experience, Noha Global provides personalized facility management solutions all over the world.

We provide a wide range of Facility Management services including operational and maintenance, soft and hard integration amenities. Each business has a unique need and this principle also applies to Facility Management; some have stringent requirements, while others have an array of needs. However we provide a wide range of services that can be tailored according to any specifications of our customers.

Our approach towards Facility Management puts all of the services requested by a customer into an integrated solution. Realizing that, we offer turnkey solutions by incorporating all relevant cleaning methodologies as well as waste management services to dispose-off unwanted and possibly harmful materials. Moreover, we also handle diverse corporate event management services that are equipped to host both international and specialized local requirements when it comes to Facility Management.

In the Facility Management field, we know very well that the asset is only the beginning. Facilities of our valued clients are ultimately about the people and businesses within them which is why we immerse ourselves wholly in our clients’ organization and make sure that our service is integrated and aligned with all of their strategic objectives, both in the short and long term, whether they are home owners, tenants or commercial clients. So when the need of the hour is Facility Management, leave the work to us and have a break!