Thursday 25 February 2016, 10:45 – 13:30 PM

Organized by : Noha Global Limited

Bleak to Brightness

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela)”

“The first word of the Holy Quran was IQRA (READ) and Holy prophet (S A W) said “Education is mandatory for men and women.”

In the view of importance of education, Plan International, Pakistan take solid steps towards implementation instead of projecting policies. In this regard “Building Skills for Life (BS4L)” is one of the interventions of Plan Pakistan aiming to reduce inequalities girls face by providing them an opportunity to partake in post primary education program in selective districts.

The Most Significant Change, a participatory technique, is applied to measure the change BS4L contributed to the lives of people in Muzaffargarh and Thatta against the following:

Domains of Change

  • Changes in Attitudes towards girls’ education and reasons for those changes.
  • Changes in the general perceptions of the value of girls and women.
  • Changes in behavior emerging from the changes in attitudes.
  • Changes in community perspective regarding the new attitudes and behavior displayed by those identified as having experienced the most significant change.

Plan International Pakistan also supporting around 1.6 million children in 4,945 communities to access their rights to education, basic health care and nutrition, livelihoods, clean water, sanitation and protection.