“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela)
The first word of the Holy Quran was IQRA (READ) an Holy prophet (S A W) said “Education is mandatory for men and women.”

Education is certainly an undeniable right of every child, as enshrined in all UN and International Conventions and Protocols. Similarly the constitution of Pakistan has also provided the right of education to every Pakistani. The article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan says: “The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be determined by the law”. In the view of importance of education, Plan International, Pakistan take solid steps towards implementation instead of projecting policies. In this regard “Building Skills for Life (BS4L)” is one of the interventions of Plan Pakistan aiming to reduce inequalities girls face by providing them an opportunity to partake in post primary education program in selective districts.

Now in Karachi ‘Bleak to Brightness’ report is captured the achievements and impact of BS4L program through peoples’ perceptive. The report elicits the most significant change among the 165 change stories which were collected from the project beneficiaries— local opinion leaders, parents and learners. Three significant change stories of Bhirawan Mai, Atta Muhammad and Saima Siddique describing the change in attitude and behaviour regarding girls’ education and the change in general perceptions about value of girls and women have been selected as the most significant change stories.

The documentary portrayed the magnitude of challenges of education in Pakistan and the program impact in remote rural areas of Muzaffargarh and Thatta districts. The documentary features interviews of program beneficiaries who narrated their experiences on how Plan Pakistan introduced and launch a mobile application “Launch of Mobile App “Khuwab Hamarey” & Social Media Campaign” Qalam Kitab”. Mobile App: Khawab Hamarey is composed of animation for awreness raising on Child Rights, Inclusion of Children in Decision Making and Early Marriage & importance of Education. Qalam Kitab is a social media campaign on awareness raising around Free and Compulsory Education educational opportunities created by BS4L program have brought changes in their lives.

Plan International Pakistan also supporting around 1.6 million children in 4,945 communities to access their rights to education, basic health care and nutrition, livelihoods, clean water, sanitation and protection.

These reforms resulted increasing the access of girls to port primary and life skills based education through its diverse interventions ranging from non-formal education, school governance, and access to reproductive health rights to structured policy change advocacy.

If we want to develop our nation; we need to invest in literacy which is most important element of human resource development, our system need more effective collaboration & coordination among various concerned actors for impactful working to increase literacy rate in our country.